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Calculate Your Suit & Tuxedo Size

Discover the perfect fit with our AI-powered size calculator at Suitcentury. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace precision as our advanced technology assists you in finding the ideal measurements for your suit or tuxedo. Simply input your essential details, and our innovative algorithm will tailor the best size recommendations, ensuring your clothing fits perfectly. Experience the convenience and accuracy of our size calculator, so you can confidently embark on your shopping journey with us.

  • No registration required.
  • Only with height, weight and jeans size.
  • Calculate your suit size in 1 minute.
  • The best suit size estimator
  • AI-Powered always learning and improving results.
  • %99.5 success rate in 9000+ calculations.

Fill The Information Required

Please fill in your sizes accordingly. Our size calculator takes into account your waist, pant inseam, height, weight, shoulder type, stomach type, and shirt neck size and few more to calculate your ideal size.

Give The AI Time to Calculate

It may take up to 30 seconds to calculate your ideal size.


Once the calculation is complete, you can view the results on the redirected page!
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Suit Size Calculator & Estimator - F.A.Q

Is it free to calculate my suit size?
Absolutely! Estimating your suit size on our platform is completely free, now and forever.
Do I need to register to calculate my suit size?
No registration is necessary! You can calculate your suit size without having to register or provide any personal information.
Are the results 100% accurate?
While our suit size calculator model provides results based on your input, comparing them to standard sizes to find the best match If you purchase a suit from us online and the fit isn't quite right, you have the option to exchange it for a better fitting one.
Do you have a location where I can try on suits and tuxedos?
Absolutely! We offer a "try at home" option. Simply make a purchase from our men's suit shop after calculating your size. If the fit isn't perfect, you can request a replacement to ensure your suit or tuxedo fits flawlessly.
Is there a difference between casual clothing sizes and formal clothing sizes like suits?
Yes, there is. Casual clothing sizes can be quite different from formalwear sizes due to variations in fit and fabric characteristics. For example, casual garments often have more give in the waist, whereas formal garments like suits might be more structured and thus require a different size for an optimal fit. It's also worth noting that while you might need a larger size for suit pants, they are designed to be less prone to bunching, so the length might be shorter compared to casual pants. Understanding these differences ensures you get the perfect fit for that sharp, modern look.
Can I order suits, calculate sizes in bulk for a group or event?
Yes, you can! Our event creator tool is designed to facilitate group orders, making it easy for you to coordinate suit purchases for weddings, corporate events, or any special occasion. We offer a range of options to suit every member of your group, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look. Also you can make your group to calculate their individual sizes. Also, you can pay for them and notify them to calculate their sizes!
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Suit & Tuxedo Size Chart

You can find your sizes according to this table too. It is always updating with new results by AI.

Suit size calculator, estimator chart - AI learning - Suitcentury

The best suit size calculator for your suit and tuxedo needs. If you have a question how to calculate my suit size you are at the right page.
It's simple to calculate your suit size; first click to "Calculate My Suit Size button on the top of the page or click here " Calculate My Suit Size" and follow the directions. It takes approximately 1–2 minutes to calculate your suit size. Also you can find the suit size chart on this page which updates frequently.

What Questions Are Needed for Your Suit Size Calculation?

1- What is Your Waist Size?
We ask for your waist size to accurately convert it into men's suit pant size. You can choose from sizes 28 to 50 in odd numbers, as well as size 51.
2- What is Your Pant Inseam Size? (Optional)
This depends on your jean size. It's the distance from the uppermost part of your thigh to your ankle. This is optional; if you prefer, our AI-powered suit size calculator can estimate your size without this information.
3- What is Your Height?
Please provide your height. If you don't know your exact height, choose the closest option. This helps in our suit size estimator.
4- What is Your Weight?
Enter your weight manually in pounds (lbs). This information is crucial for our tux size calculator.
5- What is Your Birthday?
Providing your birthdate helps us understand your style preferences. Additionally, if you agree to our policy, we can send you a special coupon on your birthday.
6- What is Your Shoulder Type?
Choose between slimmer, average, and broader shoulder types. This helps us determine the best fit for your suit, whether classic or slim.
7- What is Your Stomach Type?
Choose between flatter, average, and rounder stomach types. This information assists in selecting the appropriate suit fit, whether classic or slim.
8- What is Your Neck Size? (Optional)
This is for shirt measurements. If you don't know your shirt neck size, you can skip this, and our AI can calculate it for you.
9- What is Your Sleeve Length? (Optional)
This is for shirt measurements. If you're unsure of your shirt sleeve length, you can skip this, and our AI can estimate it for you.
10- What is Your Suit Jacket Size? (Optional)
If you know your suit jacket size, you can select it. Otherwise, you can skip this, and our AI will calculate your size.
11- What is Your Suit Jacket Length? (Optional)
If you know your suit jacket length, you can select it. Otherwise, you can skip this, and our AI will estimate the size for you.
12- What is Your Suit Fit? (Optional)
If you know your preferred suit fit, such as classic or slim, you can select it. Otherwise, you can skip this, and our AI will determine the best fit for you.
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