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Suit a Group With Event Creator for Groups

With our user-friendly, AI-Powered event creator for groups, organizing a special occasion has never been easier. You can create an event and invite your friends to join in the excitement of buying a suit or tuxedo together. Whether it's for a memorable wedding, a glamorous prom night, a momentous graduation ceremony, or a charitable gala, our platform caters to all. Let us help you streamline the process and make it a seamless experience for you and your group. Get ready to embark on this unique journey of outfit coordination and sartorial elegance!

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Select your event type with wide range of events. From weddings to tea parties there is a lot of different event types. Start with one if the theme changes just pick another one.

Fill Your Personal Details

Fill your personal details to personalize your event and to make us get in touch with you if you need any help.

Add People

Add people to your event to assign them suit or tuxedo. Follow their status.


Pay for your items. If you have more than 6 people paid for their suits or tuxedos on your group, wait for your coupon to get your one suit for free!

What Kind of Event You Are Planning?

With Suitcentury's Event Planner you will find your best suit or tuxedo and you can send them what to wear or gift them a suit!

Plan your wedding, find the best suits that fit you and your friends. It is available to assign groomsman and groom suit or tuxedos.

How Wedding Works?

Plan your prom party! If you are attending as a group, it is the best to have your suits or tuxedos all in one!

How Prom Works?

Plan your graduation ceremony. Find the best suits for you and your classmates or friends.

How it works

We are with you all the time! Charity related purchases with necessary documents are %15 off!. Contact us via email!

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Time for a gala? Be the best looking team in gala! Suit up your team with our event creator!

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As confident as always! Suit up with your team with Suitcentury. Organize your event and suit up your whole team with our event creator!

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Of course parties, why don't you and your friends are suiting up on a party? Create an event for your party now and suit up!

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suit a group with event creator suit a group with event creator suit a group with event creator suit a group with event creator suit a group with event creator

Suit Your Group With the Best Event Creator

Suit a group for your wedding event. Suits sale for rental prices as low as $199 only!

Do you have a theme or color obligation? With using our Suit a Group Event Creator you can pick the right suit for everyone! Just with few simple steps create your event now!

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