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Prom Guide 101 : What is Prom? Affordable Choices

Prom Guide 101 : What is Prom? Affordable Choices

Are you having your prom? First time hear promenade? This article is for you! We will tell you about prom, try to explain with every aspects, clothing for prom and much more. To get ready for your perfect prom day lets dive into it!

What is Prom? The Importance

Prom is a unique day for every high school student. It's short for promenade, is a semiformal but sometimes formal dance organized on ending of high school. Prom is organized to celebrate and finalize the graduation from high school. Before they go to university and start their own lives, it's a great organization to say goodbye to their friends and teachers. It's not a goodbye, saying hi to their new lives. Prom is not only dancing and having fun, it's more than that, to learn budgeting, formal dressing, and preparations.


To have a prom, you must know the traditions. To understand well, we are going to list the traditions from old to new for you to know what is going on.

Collar Bouquet and Boutonniere

Collar bouquet is the flower that women hang to their collar, and boutonnière is a men's collar bouquet. The most lovely traditions are to exchange them with prom partner. Its history goes to antique greece.

Prom Queen and King

Its tradition for decades that to choose prom king and queen during the prom and make them wear a crown. In the past it was to honor students that have great success at their schools, but now it is a tradition that students vote to choose the prom queen and king.

Prom Proposals

Nowadays, it's become more popular to ask a woman or man to be your prom partner. It is a lovely way to learn ways to impress a woman or man. Matching clothes is another perfect thing your prom partner chooses to wear red which goes perfectly with black so if your prom partner is a woman and chooses to wear a red dress and you can choose a black prom suit to be a perfect match. Man on prom day is taking the woman from their home with a flower and that is lovely.

Frequently Asked Questions for Prom

You can ask your questions from [email protected]
  1. Q: What are the typical expenses for attending prom?
    A: Expenses can range widely from $200 to several hundred dollars, including tickets, attire, and transportation.
  2. Q: What should students wear to prom?
    A: Prom attire is generally semi-formal to formal, including cocktail dresses, prom suits, evening gowns, and tuxedos.
  3. Q: What activities are typical at prom?
    A: Activities usually include dancing, dining, photos, contests, and the crowning of the prom king and queen.
  4. Q: Do all schools select a prom king and queen?
    A: While not universal, many schools continue this tradition.
  5. Q: How can we minimize prom expenses?
    A: Budget-friendly strategies include shopping sales, doing your own makeup and hair, sharing costs with friends, and saving in advance. You can always look our collection which has affordable prom suits

What to Wear at Prom?

There are several options for you to what to wear at prom. Since our focus is for men's suit and tuxedos we will give advices to man only. |PARTNERSHIP|
The best thing to wear to look more formal and classy is to wear a prom suit. There are many color options to mirror your character. From white prom suit to black prom suit there are many color options. Let's dive into the colors to better understand which color reflects which characteristics.


  • White Prom Suit

    White is always a good choice for a prom, but not the perfect one. White is reflecting purity, justice and innocency. At the same time, it may show the weakness through. But in terms of fashion, white prom suits also reflect freshness; also it keeps you warm if your body cool since it reflects the light.
    From our collection, you can check for white suits. Let's go and discover Suitcentury's affordable white suits.

  • Burgundy Prom Suit

    Burgundy is a rich and deep color that reflects sophistication, wealth and power. It also carries seriousness and a mature. In suit fashion; it is a bold choice like black or navy. They are typically worn as special event suits. If you want to leave a memorable impression at your prom, we advise you to wear a burgundy suit.
    From our prom collection, you can check for burgundy suits. Let's go and take a look Suitcentury's affordable burgundy suit.

  • Red Prom Suit

    Red is vibrand and energetic color that is associated with passion, excitement and action. Most cultural thoughts represent it as life and vitality. In suit fashion; Red suits are striking and usually worn by people who want to make a bold fashion statement.
    From our prom collection, you can check for red suits. Let's go and take a look at Suitcentury's red prom suit.

  • Black Prom Suit

    Black is often associated with formality, elegance and sophistication. It also represents power and strength like burgundy suits. In suit fashion, It is often related to formality and professionalise. Its also essential for your wardrobe because you can fit in any occasion with black suits. So we believe its perfect decision to wear at your prom party.
    From our prom collection, you can check for red suits. Let's go and take a look at Suitcentury's black suit for man collection.

This is the end of your Prom 101 class. We are trying to give as much information as we can in all occasions like weddings, proms and much more. Follow us for more!

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