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What to Wear to A Funeral For Man?

What to Wear to A Funeral For Man?

The funerals, besides being one of our most sorrowful days, are also one of the days we pay the most attention to our attire. During their times, our priority isn’t our attire but sharing a common grief for losing out loved ones. However, although there might not be a universally agreed – upon rules, there’s a common dress code for funerals: wearing black funeral suits.

The tradition of wearing black at funerals dates back to the Middle Ages. During this period, this practice, popularized by the church, emerged as an exclusive custom for the upper class, as black clothing was expensive. Over times, especially during the reign of Queen Victoria, it becomes a universal fashion statement when the queen, following the death of her husband, wore black for forty years to reflect her mournig. Following the accessibility of black dye to everyone, nowadays, black has become the preferred choice for everyone at funerals. So much so that dressing in different, especially vibrant colors on their special occasions has become almost shameful and disrespectful behavior. So, along with wearing black, what should we wear at funerals?

So in this article we are going to investigate what to wear to a funeral for man? And try to give you a convenient answer.

How Should Black Attire Choices Be For Funerals?

Selecting the appropriate attire for funeral ceremonies, especially for men, can be quite challenging yet essential. Our recommendation is to opt for a black funeral suit in accordance with tradition on these solemn occasions. Choosing a black suit for such days will be both appropriate for the significance of the moments and create a formal appearance. In this regard, the most important aspect to consider when selecting a suit to dress as simply and modestly as possible. At this point, here are some dressing tips for funerals that we can offer;

  • The most important thing to pay attention to is color choice, so your first choice should be black or dark colors close to black.
  • Another important thing to consider is to dress as simply as possible and avoid accessories.
  • On the other hand, when selecting a suit for funeral, it’s important to consider seasonal characteristics. Thicker fabrics may be preferred in colder seasons, while lighter fabrics can be chosen for warmer weather conditions.
  • Similarly, depending on the weather, jackets or coats in black or dark colors can be chosen to wear over suits.
  • One thing to avoid is being selective in terms of the types of suits chosen. For instance, tailcoats and tuxedos are not suitable for funerals.

Not Style But Completion Recommendations For Funerals

Even though it doesn’t imply creating a style, we have some recommendations for completing the funeral attire for men. To complete the overall outfit coherence, the preferred belt and tie should also be selected in dark colors, just like the suit. Both of these accessories should be modest and as simple as possible. Afterwards, for shoe choice, opt for the simplest and most formal models such as oxfords, loafers and wingtips. Finally, don’t forget to attach a small photo of the deceased person of your suit jacket as a sign of respect.

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